Elemental Witchcraft: Pranic Breathing Meditation with a Witch’s Charm of Affirmation

Elemental Witchcraft: Pranic Breathing Meditation with a Witch’s Charm of Affirmation September 1, 2022

Pranic breathing is an intentional method of breathing inspired by practices from the east which focus on the relationship between the body and the breath. It is often referred to in yogic practices. As a means to shift our thinking, this guided meditation integrates a spoken magickal charm in affirmation. This charm affirms the four rules of personal sovereignty and the two keys to the temple of witchcraft, as introduced in Chapter 3 of my book “Elemental Witchcraft: A Guide to Living a Magickal Life Through the Elements.”

Pranic Breathing Meditation by Heron Michelle

Below I’ve embedded the link to this 30 minute meditation from my YouTube channel: Heron Michelle. I’ve also included an excerpt from the text of Chapter 3. This beautiful music is an original composition performed by my partner, Pranavam Das. Enjoy! Please subscribe to my channel!

Meditation 2: Pranic Breathing Relaxation


  • Candle, any kind.
  • Incense you like, any kind.
  • A comfortable and supportive chair with arms, if possible.
  • A veil or hood which can be lowered over your eyes.
  • Your Book of Mirrors journal and a pen.
  • Written affirmations from the end of this meditation, where you can easily read them.



Place a veil or hood over your eyes if that helps you block out the world for a time. Light a candle and some incense. Close your eyes and sit comfortably in your meditation chair. Your spine is perpendicular to the earth, like a lightning rod. Your hands lay gently resting in your lap, or the arms of the chair.

Return to the meditation room inside your mind, remembering the skylight over your head, and the soft white light of all colors shining down from above.

Turn your focus inward and downward. Breathe in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Take 3 dramatic breaths filling your lungs completely, and exhaling with an audible sigh.

Shake out any tension in your jaw. Blow a big raspberry with your lips, loosen up.

Breathing more normally now, welcome your breath to flow deeply into the center of your being.

Filling first your belly like a bellows, then expanding upward into your chest. Exhale in reverse, letting the chest fall first, and then the belly. (long pause…)

See your breath entering your nose as a soft white light, that then flows wherever it is needed in your body. This energy flows in like liquid Divine Love, pooling where it is needed to relax you. This Light is the chi, the Ki, the Prana that sustains your spirit and your health.

This nurturing liquid light fills you from toes to scalp. Wherever the light touches, your muscles relax, becoming heavier now. Your physical body is healed and at ease. (pause…)

Breathe the light into your belly, the light fires the furnace of your will. Wherever the light touches, you feel alive and powerful. The body of your will is invigorated and at ease. (pause…)

Breathe the light into your heart, your feelings flow freely. Wherever the light touches, you feel loved and accepted. Your emotional body is nurtured and at ease. (pause…)

This nurturing liquid light bubbles up, to fill your mind, flows through your thoughts. Wherever the light touches, you feel serene and alert. Your mental body is receptive and at ease. (pause…)

Thought patterns slow, as you sink into deeper states of restful awareness. (pause…)

You are one with your breath as the liquid light flows in to fill you completely. Wherever the light touches, you are at ease. (pause for three long breaths…)

The light now overflows and you are wrapped in a comforting sphere of light, surrounding you until your aura softly glows, fully sustained and invigorated now. Breathe in the healing light to strengthen your auric field. If you perceive any dense patches, or weakened places, breathe extra light into those places, until you see them whole and complete once more. (pause for three long breaths…)

Descending again, deeper and deeper into your center, find at your core the shining Jewel of Divinity, your facet within the Divine Light of Creation. (pause…) The Divine Light of Creation shines brightly from your center. You are a dazzling Jewel of Divinity.

You are a being of light, in a world made of light. You are a being of thought, in a world made of thought. You are a being of love, in a world made of love. You are one with Divinity, and you may go anywhere you desire with the speed of imagination. Your dreams create the world. (long pause…)

Repeat the Two Keys to the Temple of Witchcraft and the Four Rules for Personal Sovereignty in their affirmation form:

A Witch’s Charm of Affirmation:

I am whole and complete within Divine Love.

I am trustworthy in thought and deed.

I am compassionate to myself and all others.

I am beneficial in my life and society.

I am sovereign within my sphere of influence.

I am mindfully engaged within Divinity.

I am a perfect child of the God/dess.

I am loving; I am lovable; I am love.

Blessed be.

Rest in quiet meditation for 20 minutes or so, before gently returning to waking consciousness.

Additional Meditations by Heron Michelle and Pranavam Das:

About Heron Michelle
Heron Michelle (Greenville, NC) is a mom, shopkeeper, modern witch, and priestess. Owner of The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions (thesojo.com) since 2009. She writes the blog 'Witch on Fire' at Patheos Pagan and is the author of "Elemental Witchcraft: A Guide to Living a Magickal Life Through the Elements" published Dec. 2021 by Llewellyn Worldwide. Connect with her at heronmichelle.com You can read more about the author here.

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