Giving December 20, 2010

Most of you are thinking about physical gifts to give to friends and family. Let me invite you to embrace this season in a new way.  As most of you know the “present” moment is called the gift, because it is the present.  Most of us are opening the same gift of fear, over and over. Some examples of fear, could be blame, complaining, gossip, having power over someone, or feeling less than someone, or even taking sides and ganging up on someone when they are not around.  So lets change that way of thinking, by opening the simple gift of love.  Love accepts, ignorance judges.  Love has nothing to hide, ignorance hides everything from itself. This is what I know. We are all love and everything in your life is bringing you back into yourself.  Love is everywhere.  So we are students of love. And our teachers rest in the presence of now.  Fear in any form means lack of love.  So if we are love, and we see lack of it in someone then we must give ourselves the best gift now, which is forgiveness.  Forgiveness comes from us taking responsibility for the love we are. Which is huge.  Since we don’t want to be responsible for our love, we play in fear. So since we don’t want to play big, we choose to play small and BE-LITTLE, we choose to BE  LITTLE NOW.  We be little the now. So that person that you are angry with is showing you the anger that you refuse to look at in you. In turn, love is teaching you about the love you are now and have always been. What a wonderful lesson forgiveness is teaching you. Giving and receiving are the same energy. Taking, hording, hiding, are lower forms of energy.  LOVE gives and it receives the gift right back.  I feel like you understand what I am talking about.  This holiday season, lets forgive all those who  have trespassed against us and  forgive our selves for going against our nature, which is love. Because they knew not what they were doing, and either did we at the time. But now you know.  You have a chose to love or lack love. What do you choose? Let us go back home inside and out. And end all the fighting, blaming, complaining with family and friends. And make this holiday season relaxing, fun filled, joyous. But you must make the choice to end your separation from love. Let this time finally bring you PEACE ON EARTH.

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