When pushed, be kind

When pushed, be kind March 15, 2011

Beloved ones you have the saying all your life, when pushed, push back.  There is one flaw in it that doesn’t work.  It is the suggestion that you are both separate from each other.  My suggestion to you is that if another is causing reaction inside you that creates violence in your life then you need to pull the reigns in and end the conflict.  You are not responsible for others anger, frustrations, and yes anger is violence, verbal violence toward another. Anger represents strong resistance to what is and there fore doesn’t acknowledge the other person.  It airs out on the other and shows lack of responsibility for another and oneself.  If you find yourself in a situation where anger is involved, then you must make the comittment to walk away and collect yourself.  Your responsible for yourself and how you feel. No one can make you do something against your will.  Sometimes anger creates falseness.

What does that mean? It means that if someone is hostile toward you they will create lies about you and parade them as the truth. Showing irresponsibility toward themselves.  Anger is not who you are, no matter how justified you make it.  Hate is not who you are no matter how justified you make it.  Separation is not who you are no matter how justified you make it.  You are love and love is not a concept or idea. It is a knowing, not a belief.

Know yourself. Read the pages of your life and when you first start reading those pages you will discover chapters you don’t like, and chapters you do.  No matter what you are reading about you, you must be come a researcher of your life.  There is no greater book to read then you. you are valuable, important, and so is everyone. Everyone is forgetting but you must take one the role of kindness, understanding, forgiveness, even when others don’t. Remember nature is equal will equal out situations in your life.  Trust in the power of love.  For give yourself and others. For they know not what they do. They may be scared to read their own self written story of corruption.  But they will discover sometime. That discovery is not up to you, but to them. Sooner or later the truth will want to be awaken. It is happening now and it is happening for everyone.

Be responsible for you and your feelings and trust in NATURE.

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