Sun November 4, 2011

When you are present in life. There is nothing to hold on to anymore.  Nothing to figure out, nothing to lose, win, gain, etc…Just like the breeze guides the leaves on the tree, so to does your intuition guide you gently and safely.  Your life becomes what it has always been, a great ballet of freedom from others, rules, because in this discovery you find that consciousness can never harm another, and so rules are not needed.  You will sense that the only  thing that was happening was stories created by the mind made from resistance. Right now has no story and self.  You are the blue print that serves all and all serves you.  The blueprint is to open up to more love that has no more division to it.  So in the discovery is the release of all that is not real.  The stories, beliefs, comparing, competition, etc.. all which was created to keep you from you.  You were made free, born free, and meant to love for free. Freedom is yours to discover, explore, understand, and be.  If you are freedom, then why create a story? Why have a story?  Does the story help you separate in some way? Maybe in your story you are successful, maybe you are a victim, maybe you are traveler, maybe you are cruel, but is it not just a story that you continue to tell yourself and others? Does the story not happen now? We are all equal and the system that we have agreed on together is no longer working. What a relief.  So become aware of the stories you tell people, because even if you are successful, someone must be lesser than you in order for you to claim success.

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