Acceptance March 29, 2012

Acceptance is a fact. Without acceptance is denial. Denying the fact of which is actually happening now. With denial comes anger, conflict, negative emoting, and drama.  Acceptance means all is neutral. This is what I mean by being neutral. Everything is neutral on this planet. You may have agitation for a person. Now someone knows the person and doesn’t have any charge with them.  But it seems that you have agitation for the person.  Which means that the agitation is coming from you. No matter how they are acting or choosing to be, the agitation is coming from you.  Which means there is a lack of acceptance for them and there would seem to be a lack of acceptance for that part in you. Hence oneness.  So when the charge in you happens,  first acknowledge that you are not accepting right now.  Be with the charge, don’t change it, fix it, or run from it. This is the most difficult to get. If by trying to fix it, change it, or run from it, you may notice that you will be putting it on the other person, and expecting them to deal with your charge. That is irresponsibility. Just be with the charge happening now. As you let it be, it will fall away and then you will be able to manage yourself and the situation accordingly.  When you can accept another, then you will be able to respond accordingly, hence the word, response ability, the ability to respond. When you are present you have the ability to respond or react. Reaction is denial of the situation or person.  In order to gain an understanding of another and yourself, you must observe. Be the observer. Observe everything that is happening inside you and outside at the same time.  it is happening. If you find that you react to something, rather than respond, then you will be telling the story to everyone. The story that you should tell people is this, “I observed so and so, and because I can’t accept them and choose to deny them, I feel angry with myself, but it appears to be them I am angry with, but I realize as I tell you this that it is not them its me. So rather than deal with myself and the denial I have of the situation, I choose to tell you because I need someone to get angry with, will you join me.” Most of the time your friends will jump right in.

TODAY: I accept myself and all my parts.  When I feel a charge in me, I realize that it is my charge and take responsibility for it. Because the other person is just being in what they know. Amen

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