Let Breathing Be Your Practice

Let Breathing Be Your Practice June 20, 2012

Life is a practice.  So lets make our breath a practice.  Right now, right where you are, just become aware of your breath.  As you become aware of this natural miracle of life, we call breath, you may notice that by becoming aware of it, it deepens.  So right now if you are experiencing mind chatter, anxiousness, fear, worry, addictions, a sense of running from things, simply stop, and become aware of the breath.

The practice:

1. Become aware of the breath, right where you are. Take a conscious inhale, follow the inhale down to your hips, now release the breath through the mouth. Let the breath flow. Let the breath deepen itself.

2. Do this 5 times, you may have to keep this up at first for 8 times. No matter. Your practice is to incorporate this simple breath work into your day.

3. Let this be the practice, every time you are aware of fear, anxiousness, judgment, simply stop and become aware of the breath. Then deepen it.  As you learn this simple way of being, you begin to be comfortable with changing behaviors, addictions, relationship issues, business, family, etc…

The breath is known as “spirit”.  Inspiration is “in-spirit”, so when you live life in the breath, you have better decision making skills, peace, and adaptability.

Funny thing is, breathing is free, just like love, peace, happiness, anger, etc..my point is, breathing puts you back in control of your life, from a loving place.  I love you!

Questions: semjase64@gmail.com

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