The Mirror (A Parable)

The Mirror (A Parable) June 24, 2012

A gentleman was looking in the mirror at himself.  He reached his hand in front of him and touched the mirror.  He tried to straighten his hair, but his hands just moved down the mirror. So he tried to straighten his clothes, but again his hand rolled down the mirror. He tried to reach out and tie his shoes that were reflecting in the mirror and his hand just kept hitting the mirror. By this time the gentleman was furious.  He was angry, and now yelling at the his reflection in the mirror.  The last straw for him was he started tossing things at the mirror.  Finally his wife came by, looking at him, “Who are you yelling at?” He pointed at himself in the mirror. She smiled, “That’s you.”  He then got upset again, “I know, but I can’t change it.” He then explained what he did, she laughed harder.  She explained, “Honey you can’t change the mirror, it is reflecting what it sees. What about changing the one looking at it?”



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