Tired of Thinking About Yourself?

Tired of Thinking About Yourself? June 30, 2012

Are you exhausted? Do you feel tired? Tired of thinking about yourself all day long? Tired of thinking about yesterday, tomorrow, and what others have done to you.  Because I am here to break the news to you why you may think so much; it is that you actually believe you are alone and separate from all of life. So thinking, whether it is destructive to you or others makes you feel like you have friends. The moment you begin to have faith in life, a life that is unconditional, like nature, the constant thinking will drop, those friends in your mind that were keeping you company will leave,  and then the thoughts can be used at the will of life, a bigger life, not a smaller one.  Then your action will come naturally, no longer forcing things to happen and then being discouraged about the outcome.  Life is a flow. It is flowing now, it is harmonic now, it is peaceful now, but it is your real responsibility to tune into it. Tuning in, is what we call “In-tuning” or you may be familiar with the word, “intuition”.

Intuition is subtle to the nature of all life. Intuition is faith in the flow of life. In to it.  As you begin to listen to the flow of life, then you will become like a master. Discovering that you and life are one. You and the Divine Mother are one. You and God are one. Pick your words. It was never about the words anyway, it was always where the words were coming from.  When your actions, words, behaviors, come from the faith in life, in God, then you become a trigger for serving humanity, serving family, serving friends, serving God (Life) fully and presently. But this kind of serving is not powerless, lacking, limited, controlling, trying to get something. This serving is true service.  Completely devoted to God (Life). In this kind of devotion comes equality. So where there is hate you sow love, fierce love, a love where any kind of gross behavior is not over looked, or you turn your back on. It means you stand up to it and say something, call it out.  But the calling out come from love (equality) not from fear. Equality is simply knowing we are one all the time.

You are not alone. Waking up is the discovery of that.  That is great love. Stop thinking about yourself and trying to convince yourself that you are alone, that is the small self.  Feel the connection to everything. That is why we meditate, pray, sing, chant, dance,  etc… so at some point we trigger what already is happening.  And never look back.  Faith in life will carry you forward, so stop questioning it, life is not against you, you have been against (resistance) life.  YOU ARE ALL-ONE, just add “L”ove to alone and you will get the original meaning of alone which is all one.

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