Are you curious if you are a HIB?

Are you curious if you are a HIB? July 3, 2012

The other day I appeared on a radio show. The topic was on “unconditional love”.  As we continued to dialogue on the topic and discover the core of living an unconditional life, the host kept bring up being.  So I asked her, “When you use being, or be this, or that, what actually are referring too?” Logically most everyone speaks about “being” or “be this, be aware, be happy, be love etc…”. Well she listened and stuttered a little bit, then laughed, “I don’t know David, I guess I don’t know what it is or means, well I don’t know.” Good, a wonderful place to begin for all of us, “I don’t know”.  I don’t myself, I don’t want to know myself. I don’t want to change, I love my comfortable life that is filled with all these comforts.  Which is nice, and good. But life is a discovery, adventure, of who you are. Or as the the eastern culture asks, “Who am I?”

In actuality we are. We are everything. So in our discovery of this, we first must look at everything that disturbs this place of peace or happiness.  Everything. Your partner decides to leave you our of the blue, you become angry, upset, and so now you are disturbed. Without knowing it, you expected your partner to stay and love you. They brought you value, by loving you. That value they brought you, brought happiness. So you were happy, now you are not.  So now they leave, the mask is revealed to you. Your happiness isn’t found in the other. Can you look at it, look at the upset, the charge that disturbed your peace?  Your purpose is to discover that.  Discover the peace, love, and happiness of being who you are.

The mind can not relate to this experience.  So it suggests that we must “be something, or be more”.  So it takes what it thinks is an affirmation and recites it over and over.  I am being happy, or be happy, be love. Well those are concepts of something much more profound, which can only be discovered, beyond the mind.  As you begin to discover that there is  “happiness in being”, which is HIB, then you will actually understand that your being is not determined on the outside at all. You can still allow happiness, peace, and love to flow even if the world is falling apart around you, that my friend is faith.  Real faith.  Not a faith in being faithful, rather the faith of being itself.

So the invitation today is in the “happiness in being”. I invite you to HIB and see what happens.

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