I Hope This Gets To You

I Hope This Gets To You July 28, 2012

We are in a incredible time of great energy.  Right now some of you are experiencing loss of memory, anxiousness, worry, things you use to do, don’t make sense anymore, you may experience no desire, or maybe there is confusion. It’s okay, we are coming into our own. We are coming into who we really are, and all the things that we are not, or that people told us that we are, are falling away.  This is a wonderful time to create, go into nature, explore your spiritual practice, and not get engaged with the old ways passing away.   We are dropping from our thinking minds, and entering our hearts.  Our hearts feel. So what does that mean?

It means that most people think the words of love, compassion, peace, but they don’t let the words live them, feel them, and move them. Love is not a state of confusion. It is real to feel it. It is who you are. But this love is normal and not lustful. Most people want love so bad they become lustful.  That is an old way of love, we are experiencing a way of being in the world, as we get blasted by solar flares, more light, and more space.  We are leaving what we know. So this is the reason to be gentle. If you are feeling low of energy, lost, confused, or even lethargic, it’s okay, rest, drink water, and allow the feelings to cycle through.

The reason why this experience can be so shocking to the us is that we walk around  in a conditional space, good/bad, judgements, criticisms, blame, and yet we are not duality, we are one with the Holy Spirit. We are leaving duality and this is magical.

My book, which comes out in time for the holiday season called THE BOOK OF LIGHT published through O BOOKS, is about this change, and will guide you back home.   We are entering a NEW DAWN, you are the light in the new DAWN. Surprise! We have been waiting for you, lets not be scared anymore to shine our brightness, to shine our light, SHINE BRIGHT! You radiant beings- I LOVE YOU!!   Dance, sing, laugh, and remember LOVE IS A FEELING- FEEL IT AND GIVE IT because it is who you really are! Enjoy the song and may the shift be kind and gentle. We are entering the feminine now and it is our time for wholeness from the heart!!!  Feel child like, feel wonder, feel it! See, feel, and Trust now. Some of things we are letting go of, will come back to us again but more in alignment.  Sometimes we have to let go of things, so the energy can heal and then bring it back stronger.  So trust the spirit of the Holy Light! There is nothing lost that isn’t real.


The Daylights – I Hope This Gets To You

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