LIP service

LIP service July 15, 2012

I observed someone telling another that their friend had passed away.  The other , after hearing the news remarked, “I will hold you and your family in prayer.”  There was a long silence, as the two sat there in a slightly uncomfortable way. What can one say?  We say, “RIP” which means Rest In Peace.  I invite you to look at Life. The larger Life. The whole. The place in you, where conflict, stories, bias, doesn’t exist.  Sit there, however you get there, whether that is through meditation, chanting, singing, dance, yoga, etc…rest there.

I encourage you to take a few moments to allow your breath some space to breath. Let it breath. Let it breath you.  Just allow it.  As the breath deepens inside of you, open your eyes, if they were closed, and simply observe your breath. Let the mind think if it must. Now as you observe, you will notice the breath, thoughts, senses, things around you, and as the carnival unfolds, begin to notice that everything is passing.  Simple. Life Is Passing LIP.  So what is LIP service?  Your only responsibility is to be in service to that which is passing now.  Can you allow what is passing in front of you? Whether the observation is that of a angry partner, happy partner. Does it matter?  If it matters either way, then you are caught in playing God in your life.  You are Life expressing itself.  Simply listen, observe, and commune.  As you are listening, you will discover inspiration. Inspiration means in God’s mind it is done. Everyday each of you is inspired life.

Your life is passing. How will this affect your listening? Will you listen closely now, or will you hold tight to every word, sound, thing? Or will you observe and listen?  So on the day when you give your body to the earth, to nourish the plants, and friends are gathered around, they will celebrate a life in passing. That you graced them with inspiration, love, and kindness. That you held on to nothing and loved everything.


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