Observe Life And Things Change

Observe Life And Things Change July 12, 2012

Today as I walked outside, I glanced at a flower.  The flower was open, colorful, and beautiful.  What a wonderful expression of life.  This is an easy example for all of us.  Just simply observe the flower, and as you observe the flower, in this new way, your language would change, you may say, “I observed a flower, that was open, colorful, and quite beautiful.”  I bring this to your attention and ask you, can you observe your life in this way.  Can you observe that you may be feeling low, or high, or frustrated, or loving? To arrive in this new invitation we have to first look at life.  What is life? Ask your self now, how do I see life? See what qualities come to mind, for example, life may be love, creativity, joy, expression, receptive, and kind.  Now can you see yourself as life. As life you are a expression that is expressing love, joy, and all of it.

Now see yourself observing, which actually means “toward serving”. So when we observe what is happening now, we are moving toward serving life as a whole. We begin to see that life is not attached to anything in that state of observing.  So the invitation is towards serving, you serve humanity by observing and listening. Observing is deep listening to everything with no attachment to anything. Because as you serve life where you are by observing, you allow it to be, as it is. Like observing the flower. When you observe the flower as it is, you see it for life. If you look at the flower and create a story about it, then you lose life.  The same can be said for criticizing, judgment, bias, gossip, complaints, etc…all which are self created stories of what the ego thinks is going on. Life or love is a constant observance of that which is. This why we can never ever know anyone, and that every moment is an observance of life. Which should make relationships fun again. It ends fixing, changing, denial, and manipulations.

So lets say you are feeling down, by observing this feeling, you may begin to notice that  a story begins to be created on this simple feeling. Well the feeling is just energy passing through. But it can’t pass through if you have a story of what the feeling may be.  So if you create a story on the feeling then you may put it on your partner, and then your partner doesn’t want to experience blame, so they try to fix you, because you are not taking responsibility for what you are telling yourself. Can you see how quickly it gets out of hand?

So for today, just observe and see what happens.

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