The Naked Mystic: Be Naked For Your Health

The Naked Mystic: Be Naked For Your Health August 10, 2012

How important is life as now? Right now is really the only thing ever happening. In fact your past, future, only happen now, funny right?  Rather then using terms like “now”, “presence”, “moment”, let start to use the word “naked”.  Truly naked is openness, honesty, and still.  When you find yourself naked, then you find that the mind is no longer creating a story about defense. Meaning you are no longer scared of the next thing that appears in your nakedness.  You can give and receive freely to people. When they enter your field, they will feel peace, upliftment, and they will feel okay to be honest with you. People will feel this way, because you are.

By living in this space, you will notice that your actual health will improve, stress will be minimal, and you will attract loving, caring, nurturing relationships with no more need or want from the other.  Just two naked beings sharing with each other. Love is sharing and caring for each other.  This weekend, try this practice on.  Watch how many times the mind wants to run from now, and manipulate what hasn’t even happened.  Notice this and gently bring your attention back to now.  Like a fisherman, keep your fishing line in now. When the thought gets a bite and runs, reel it in.  Naked now. It’s cool, easy, and anyone can. Start now. Love you! Your natural state is this.


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