Have we forgotten Fear is an Opinion

Have we forgotten Fear is an Opinion September 28, 2012

Yes I agree that love is all there is, yes we are abundant, beautiful, connected, infinite, and all of that takes responsibility. It is our responsibility to know that and discover it. In a world who holds the constant opinion that we should fear each other, fear them, fear the other countries, fear for our lives, fear Mother Earth, Fear God,  fear fear. As intelligent heart centered beings we have forgotten to use our minds to question fear. We fear ourselves, we fear growth, change, and yet it is just an opinion. What is fear but an opinion. Opinion based on loose arguments, facts, half truths, and what we call LOVE is the WHOLE Truth.  It is simple. It doesn’t need to explain why it is, IT IS. It doesn’t need a story, or blame, or complain, or gossip about another. It doesn’t need, expect, things to be different because IT IS.

We spend a lot of time engaged in knowledge, of what this could be, might be, what might be going on with them, assumptions of us, and others, and yet they are opinions that we have not examined, looked at.  Fear is just one opinion of the circumstance, but there is other opinions of the circumstance as well.

When you gossip about another being, you have an opinion of them which is based on fear. None of the things you criticize are true, or judge, or put down, they are simply opinions, which are stories of “assuming”.

Our so called news, reporting, media, religions, business, are based on the opinion of Fear.  Otherwise you won’t watch them. That is gross, that we want to watch people fall, crucify them for their “difference” and call it God’s view.  We should be ashamed of ourselves as a society.  Fear has not worked for thousands of years, so let have a new opinion about God, Mother Earth, Nature, life, relationships, health, spirituality, where we examine unconditional life, and explore that. That seems more exciting than exploring the opinion of fear as a way of being in the world.

So for the weekend, lets give up the opinion of FEAR and stop trying to justify it in war, politics, relationships, health, spiritual life, others, etc…

What would your life look like without the opinion of fear?


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