The Naked Mystic: She can help your creative blocks…She?

The Naked Mystic: She can help your creative blocks…She? September 18, 2012

Working with clients who are work in all different fields, one thing is for sure, they have all had moments of creative blocks, family problems, work problems, illness’s, spiritual questions, and have all met with me looking for a solution or remedy, in my work I like to look for SOUL-UTIONS.  Because we have to leave what we know to enter what we don’t, that is really all a problem is.  A problem forms when everything we have done up till that moment simply doesn’t work anymore, so we have to find a new way of playing in the world.  The real problem is that we don’t want to grow past what we know, but the benefit of the problem is to expand us. We are here to grow and expand like tree’s. Never looking back except to learn from what we did.  For example, forgive is a way we learn and grow.

So what is the remedy, or SOUL-UTION that I offer.  I suggest to all my clients to go to a park, take their shoes off, and walk barefoot on the grass. That is right! The best SOUL-UTION is to allow Mother nature to expand your outlook. When we go in nature and connect with the great Mother than we begin to sense a different way of going about life. We begin to see life is colorful, expansive, and limitless with its varieties of tree’s, plants, bugs, etc..  Whether you go for a hike, walk in the park, walk outside, what ever you choose, go out side and look around you. See the tree’s, really notice them, see their branches, leaves, how expansive they are, and you will feel blessed. This is the gift of Mother nature and why she is important.  She is the great creative urge for all of us.  So if you are experiencing a problem whether at home or work, get away and go outside and breath and observe and look at nature. She will open you up. Go to the beach and put your feet in the sand. Connect to her, she is powerful tool for attuning you to harmony and peace.

I just suggested to a client to not go to a cafe and work, but go to a park with their laptop and work. Be in the open air.  EXPAND YOUR LIFE.  We can expand our relationships and work by meeting outside at the park, or hike, or have picnics, just by being in nature we connect to our creative, playful existence.  Life is a play, we are the storytellers. Enjoy the story you tell yourself and the world. My hope is that the story is playful, fun, and filled with laughter.

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