Tomorrow is a thought Concept?

Tomorrow is a thought Concept? October 19, 2012

We spend our time here on planet earth, doing, looking, searching, worried, anxious, and yet on the other hand we are told that life is existing now in perfect aliveness.  As I watched the TV last night, every commercial was geared toward a future problem, suffering from this or that, or you need a new car, insurance, house, it is all an image of a life tomorrow.  In our individual lives we can’t wait to rush through our meals, showers, baths, days, moments to get to something, mainly tomorrow. We here if you can’t do it today, put off tomorrow. Have we ever looked at what tomorrow is? Will tomorrow ever come? Is there ever such thing as tomorrow? Have you asked yourself?

Tomorrow never comes because we are always living in the eternal now.  Tomorrow is made up, created in time. I am not negating the practical here,   if you need to schedule a doctors appointment in the future, well make the appointment.  Use time as you need to use it. We are lost in time.  Our language is always about yesterday, tomorrow, those people, but never really is the language present.

What would your life be like if you gave up using tomorrow? You gave up racing through life and actually enjoyed it now? Do you know what it feels like to enjoy life as it is? Can you feel the water in the shower, smell the soap, shampoo, or is taking the shower a dull, boring operation like a robot. We are not robots, we are life, alive now. Every cell, atom in you is alive, its energy, active.

Today watch yourself, your thoughts, language, and see how many times you are leaving now to get somewhere. Where are you going too? See if you can enjoy every bite of your meal, enjoy the water you drink, enjoy the outside as it is. True acceptance of what is happens inside of you.  Fully accept life as it is, then you can make moment to moment choices that come from real power. Give up expecting this eternal now to be any different then it is. You may leave this planet at any second.  Give up the idea of tomorrow, its a concept, a notion, idea, that comes from not accepting now.

See how your life transforms. Remember when you talk about tomorrow, you are now always. So even when you arrive in the state of tomorrow, you are still in the now. Life is funny. Let the here and now be your best friend, not your enemy.

David Matthew Brown is a contributor to Patheos, and is the Author of THE BOOK OF LIGHT: HEART OPENING, he has sessions with clients around the world, helping them step into their purpose, power, and life. As a speaker David speaks to groups, companies, spiritual centers, meditation groups, and addiction centers on being present and living now in the I AM. To contact David with questions:

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