Discovering The Language of God

Discovering The Language of God November 14, 2012

In the book entitled, THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING, I dedicate the opening of the book to THE STORY.  The story is always interpreting the now. That interpretation is wanting to figure out the plan of God, by listening to the storyteller constantly we develop illness, mental sickness, and a variety of other problems.   The storyteller is the problem,  in the bible and other spiritual texts it is referred to as the beast,  Satan, and the devil; and every single person must confront it, to discover heaven on earth. You can’t pay money to make it go away, you can’t run from it, you can’t get help for it, and each of us on this path of discovery realize sooner rather than later that our guides, coaches, teachers, ministers,  or priests of Truth can’t go there with us.  They take us to the door and watch us enter.  Like Daniel and the Lion, or David and Goliath, we must confront it individually. We must wrestle with it.

In the story of Jesus he carries a cross, like each of us carry. The cross is the cross of feminine and masculine, struggle, pain, doubt, worry, guilt, and shame. As a seeker begins to become aware of what the journey has brought and the load they are carrying, they decided that they must let it go. The thorns of the world placed on your head, the ridicule of the world as they stab you in the side and wave wine in front of you, and finally the discovery that they were just as lost and dead as you were as they nail you to the cross, and you ask for forgiveness for everyone, “They do not know what they do.” Then you are resurrected upon the world, free from the body noise, free from the world, that is what you crave.

Then finally after years of praying, telling God your interpretations of what is happening, you succumb to silence and you listen to the language of God. No more interpretations, stories, just listening.

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