Knowing ThySelf Is Not For Wimps

Knowing ThySelf Is Not For Wimps November 18, 2012

When we watch TV, Film, Sports, and look at magazines we see images of strength, outside beauty, endurance which is wonderful. Not to take anything away from going to a gym and working out, but  when it comes to awaking from within, we seem to look at that as weak because most people do not even see the inner work. Inner work takes endurance, strength, and is not for wimps. Everyday offers the opportunity to forgive which is stronger then bench pressing 500 pounds ten times.

Knowing yourself requires stillness to listen. Listening requires cat like alertness.  We are here to express our gifts.  When  you can reach the point when your words, and mind are one then that has taken much strength and great pain to finally arrive in deep faith. Faith is complete negation of what your looking at, and depending on source.   It is easy to criticize, blame, complain, gossip about others, yet it is difficult to turn your attention away from the naysayers and live from within.  To know yourself is to hold a mirror in front of you all day long, because you realize when you speak of others, you are speaking about yourself.  That is why we see from the inner eye that observing someone who is blaming, complaining, judging, criticizing, gossiping about others is speaking about where they are and speaking volumes about themselves.

You will discover that living a purposeful life is far better than living in perfection.  It is difficult to stand in now. Fear would express standing in the now as conflict, and love looks at standing in the now as friendship.  Knowing yourself is developing a friendship with now.



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