From a Dad: No Guns, Pro-Love

From a Dad: No Guns, Pro-Love December 16, 2012

Many people have many different ways of seeing the issue of guns, but they all start the same, “guns don’t kill people, people do.”  A shallow argument that negates the existence of a gun. A gun by its very invention is to kill. There is no other means except if you are on the other end of the spectrum then you are using a gun to defend. In both cases you are using it because it gives you false power. The claim seems justified but has no value.  There is no value in a gun. Our very nature is to give not take away life.

We are here to know life, not defend it, kill it, separate from it, or even justify why we do any of the above.  Frankly it is quite embarrassing to say to our Kids, “please walk away from a fight,” we bring them to some religious center and teach them about love and Jesus and then we turn around and justify war, killing, guns, and all the rest of it. That is insane living. We have certain religions killing people in the name of God.   Eye for an eye is gross.

This country has to grow past its comfort zone, past it’s self-serving politicians, lobbyists, war Mongers, religious haters, dividers, and debaters.

Do we really believe that “God is Love”?  That love heals? Do we have any sense in love for ourselves, and others? Is not true education, to learn about who we actually are from the inside? Does not real leadership work for the whole and not  self interest?

We are told after the shootings by the NRA to not talk about guns so we can morn what guns did through the actions of a very disturbed young man at Sandy Hook. So what is our responsibility as a society? What can we actually learn from this? What actions can we take? Another 9/11 where we attack the wrong people, and don’t look at our political message and foreign policy in the country?

We simply can not sit and be intellectuals anymore on issues regarding the lives of this country and the world. We have a choice here to take a stand for human life, love, and happiness for all. Intellectual ways of dealing with things don’t work, we must be heart centered leaders, heart centered people, and stop being storytellers of fear.

You want to carry a gun, for what reason does it serve you, “false power, false toughness, false identity, false manliness, false convictions, etc…” Killing is unnatural, that is why people must be trained to kill. You also need to be trained to walk in love. That is tougher than pulling a trigger to be right.

It is our nature to give, to love, to dream, to understand, to serve, to help, to laugh, to be joyful, to heal, to forgive, to care, to be kind, and share.

It unnatural to hate, to fear, to kill, to judge, to gossip, to control, which are all forms of taking life, and yet we have done a pretty good job of it. In fact in all these cases, we pay people to do it on TV and then honor them with awards. This society puts a lot of interest and investment in fear, blood, and violence. Is that where your interest lie in your own life?

With all of this, billions go to services around the globe and we are preached, “love your neighbor, or Love your neighbor as yourself”.  We seem to look at the message as a nice way to live but because to it takes work to love, we run towards fear. We teach people to not bully, then we praise ourselves for bullying other nations. What a shame. What a disappointment.

Where in your scriptures, spiritual text, mystical teachings, meditations, yoga, does it ever teach hate, kill, destroy. Heck, in the bible the town wanted to stone the adulterer and Jesus suggests, “if you haven’t sinned then throw the stone”. They all walked away. Why? Because they had all made mistakes. So forgive and keep walking. But we can’t, we have to be right, make others wrong. All Jesus said, and Buddha said is,  “WAKE UP!”

We all are here to learn, in learning we make mistakes, so we forgive, and what are we here to learn? We are here  to know ourselves, and  when that happens we can love each other. So please know yourself as love, where that path takes you, go there, and lets all grow past fear for goodness sake and start being courageous in Love and leadership. Love takes gusto to stand in.  So lets actually listen, understand, and dialogue. Not debate, crucify the other side so you can get voted in, because you are to scared to stand up and say, “This is wrong, this isn’t right”.  LOVE IS NOT A DOORMAT.

Love is power. Holding a gun to exert power is for the powerless.

The gun  is pulled by people  who cares, take responsibility for your life and others by saying “no to fear” in all of its forms.

I pray for this country. The dollar bill says In God We Trust, but we don’t trust, because we don’t know ourselves, and we are to busy running from who we are. So how do we trust something we don’t know? We need to listen, understand, and then if our speaking adds to the silence, we talk. If not, we keep listening till our words speak from love. Nothing nice to say, good to say, then walk away.  Get rid of toxic talk. It is a lower vibration that helps no one.

I stand in Pro-love. In all forms. We need a new direction. Fear hasn’t worked for thousands of years. We need to stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Don’t put this on the back burner. Stand up for all.

David Matthew Brown is a founder of Heartspirational, and Heart Whisperer



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