My Master Teacher, Mother Earth

My Master Teacher, Mother Earth December 5, 2012

Every morning I take a long walk in nature, find a comfortable place to sit, and listen to the heart of mother earth. She and I have had many dialogues, mainly I just listen. I write down her response and have received many insights into life, my life, and how to deal with things.

I first discovered this practice when my life hit the lowest point it could about year ago.  Around 5 am one morning I was pulled out of bed with lots of energy, which was quite strange for me at the time, because I didn’t want to get out of bed.  I put my clothes on, and went for a long walk, about two hours.  I came back home refreshed, invigorated, and felt a sense of newness.

I have continued this practice every morning.  This planet is organic, alive, living, and I feel pain sometimes to realize the amount of abuse we put on it, that we put on life, our lives, and others.  It is almost becoming acceptable behavior.  I sit with the tree’s, flowers, plants, bugs, animals,  snakes, deer, and birds. One of the major things she has taught me is that all life comes from the eternal silence. ALL LIFE.  That eternal silence has birthed, grown, everything in accordance to the law of love.  From love there is infinite colors, bodies, plants, animals, etc…All of it matters because it was born from the same creator, that creator exists in silence and knows nothing of the stories we tell, because there is no story in something that already is.  We only tell stories when we fill alone, lost, confused in the world. Does that mean we should not tell stories? Not at all. But we should tell unattached stories.

If we can grasp that all things comes from the silence then we will make the decision to know ourselves, to go in and connect with the creator in silence and listen.  When that happens we will be informed by light, each of you is light condensed. The Ego which you give meaning too, is meaning less.  Ego fragments light if you believe in it and slows you down.  The way to break this pattern is to forgive and give it over to the creator.  You do this because you have put a false story to the events in your life, and you are seeking now to see the creators perspective. IT IS ALL LOVE, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE. Mother Earth wants you to listen tot his message and ponder your part in it.  Your responsibility in love.  How important you, each of you.  It is not about looks, height, physicality, but feel deeply and you will know.

David Matthew Brown is the Author of THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING and contributor to Patheos.



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