Affirming Love Law (ALL)

Affirming Love Law (ALL) January 7, 2013

I remind myself now that there is only one mind, and that mind expresses love.  That love is expressed in life and that life and love are one. I recognize that love is expressed in the birds, trees, leaves, animals, earth, water, in every being that walks, runs, plays, and that this law is always expressing itself now. The law of love is omni -present, and is everywhere all at once. It is the only law that abides in the universe.  This law is abiding and is the only will. There is no other will now.  For this will is Love.  I am one with it.  Just like nature is one with it.  It is natural to love. It is natural to include. It is natural to be free. For it is already true. I am one with this truth as are the one’s reading this now.  This truth is expressed in every word, action, thought, that is taken now.  There is no such thing as separation. There nothing separate from Love and this law.  There is only Love. The law works easily and gracefully. It is always working and has gone no where.  Since I am one with it, then the person reading this now is one with it. I rest in the assurance and in accord with this law.  I love, that I love, that I am this love expressing now.  I am thankful for love. Thankful for expressing, and living as expression of love. Like the flowers that bloom and share their scent with all, they do so without judgement or condemnation.  So I know now that judgement and condemnation may feel real, but they are not. For judgement has no law.  Condemnation has no law so it is not real.  There is not two minds, or duality, there is but one. And so I choose to let down my false claims and embrace the only truth happening now, which is love.  I rest in it, and as I rest in it, my so called “two minds” rest in the one.  I am filled with love and inspiration. I am filled with glorious anticipation for the next breath that is breathing itself now.  I am affirming and I am thankful for this truth.

It is, I am.


David Matthew Brown is the author of THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING, which can be bought on


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