No Labels, Just Love

No Labels, Just Love March 27, 2013

All is love and made from love, big deal right? Yes that is a big deal and frankly pretty big statement to make. Especially in a world that doesn’t want you to be you.  In a world that seems to be molding you into its likeness, its image, and all the while you are just wanting to keep up with something that isn’t real.  Turn on the TV and there are actors on commercials portraying parts on TV of happy people getting cars, homes, drugs, fast food, and everything is always happy and fun.  You laugh and before you know it, you are talking about the ad with your friends. We see them at bars, we see how much fun drinking can be, we see other images about a world out there that is almost to good to be true.  And it is, because what we don’t see is the reality of the world sold to us, foreclosures, debt, addiction, gambling, abuse, hate against gays and women, war, and yet we are all in on it.  We are all contributing to the story.  We are so use to the images, ideas, story, that we are walking in a dream, it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Now we have reality TV which promises riches, and yet it seems no one is happy. Worry is normal and acceptable behavior, secrets in our leadership and in us is acceptable, as a country we accept the mediocrity, we accept limitations, we love gossip, complaining, blaming, and some love to humiliate people with lies. Is this tiring behavior?  Don’t you find this insane. A country that propagates laws that say that one group can marry, another can not. Doesn’t that get you upset and angry, that is not loving.  When will you get tired? And do something, anything.

It is the same images, ideas, and stories we feed ourselves individually.  The world says we are limited, lacking, and powerless, because our thoughts are constantly showing us that, and we are so concerned on our image and the way we speak, talk, act, that we will do almost anything for this world to like us, we strive for approval from others and want to fit in, because inside our minds we don’t like ourselves, we don’t approve of who we are, we are fighting inside to reach a certain ideal or concept.  So the world has us, like prisoners. confined, jailed in our own minds.  Because the world sets the standard, tells us on media sites what is important, who is important, and why, and all the while we follow.  We bite. Because we agree. We agree that if you are spiritual, then you can sit on your but and do nothing, say nothing, and yet we talk about Jesus, who didn’t sit on his butt, and constantly said there is a new way to be, “Love your neighbor”.  I am always fascinated by spiritual people who feel that sending love, praying, meditation, chanting, while the world is yearning to change sit on their butts.  Or they think positive.  Jesus did all these things and got out there and talked about it. Wasn’t concerned with changing anybody, “The kingdom is within”.  His was an invitation to leave everything you know and discover the inner. I am not speaking to religious organizations that propagate being saved, sinning, and making you wrong. What I am saying is once you discover the inner, it is  your work and repsonsibility to stop the injustice, hate, bullying, war, out there with new ways of being on this planet.  Look at Archbishop Desomd Tutu and the Dali Lama, they are calling each of us to walk in love and stand up to fear.

We  do have wonderful mystic’s, spiritual teachers, and guides here who can help us see and leave the prison of our own mind.  Who can help see clearly what life really is.   For example, ask anyone about abundance, they will say money, no one ever says love, gratitude, humility, right now, appreciation, kindness, because the mind is never thinks it is enough, it wants more.  Craves, hunts, and needs.

We have a lot of different groups fighting for this or that, with wonderful intentions, it is time to stop fighting everything, and turn within and discover life.  Love has no labels, have you ever glanced at a flower and for a second there was no words, that space of no words is the truth of all things,  But it must be practiced, for in that space is enough, is joy, is love, is abundance.

For today, practice catching a glimpse of this space within.  And if you see something happening to your brother or sister in front of you, don’t watch, do something. Love is responsibility for all.


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