To Grandma T

To Grandma T April 13, 2013

We are born onto and into this planet from the infinite.  On this place called Earth where we walk in heaven, masked only by the separation in our heads.  I bring this up to remind each of you that the beyond is around us.

A perfect example is the presence of my grandma who comes in on occasion to remind me to keep on walking and don’t listen to others.  My grandma passed away 6 years ago, and one year to the date later my daughter was born.

Many times I had the pleasure of being with my grandma.  We seemed to have a wonderful connection, but our connection came in little moments.  As a boy growing up, I discovered to get around in the world, I had to use my incredible gift to make others laugh, to deflect attention from me, so I wouldn’t have to fight. I was born with blue eyes, pale white freckly skin, and red hair. Yes cute when your older, not so much when you are growing up. I was sensitive to life around me and picked up everything people were not saying. It was a gift I actually discovered later in life.  At the time I just took on other peoples stuff because I was an empathetic.

One day I was getting picked on a ton by boys about everything, freckles, being small, sensitive, cracking jokes, and all kinds of  stuff.  I remember talking to my grandma about the kids picking on me about my freckles, and she said, “David someday those freckles will merge into a fine tan, and those kids will be jealous.”  That made me feel good, and from that day on, it never bothered me, because I felt like I knew something.  Now it never happened, the nice tan, I still have blue eyes, more auburn hair, and my freckles have formed colonies all over my body.  I consider them love kisses from angels, so actually the angels kiss me a lot.

My grandma took a lot of nonsense, but she was fierce love, giving it back, cooking for the family, running the house, saving money all over the house, and quietly going about her life.  She taught me how to play scrabble, I loved words, and I remember winning my first game, not because of me, but because she helped me win.  I loved her food, there was always a ton of it, and loved watching my grandma.  She visits me sometimes, in my dreams, and in life with reminders, such as when she is around me, Neil Diamond comes on the radio, she loved Neil Diamond.  After she passed, about 5 months later I met a medium and she was channeled.  Everything that was said at the channeling has come true.

As my grandma neared her departure on this planet,  she taught me a major life lesson in my growth.  I looked over her, and we made eye contact and I said, “You can go when ever you want you know?” She smiled. That night I remembered that smile, and thought to myself, “She knows that, it is time for me to let her go.” There was part of me, that wanted her to go, because I was tired of seeing her suffer, and I knew the joy she would feel, once she was free from the body.  This would walk me down the path discover what death really is, and allow me to confront suffering, and how it is used to open us up, and that it is part of the perfection of bigger love.

The lesson here is everyone, whether it is you son, daughter, parents, Uncle’s, Aunte’s, grandparents, strangers, have come into your life to help you open to greater love, our greater love. They teach us the meaning of surrender, to something bigger.  To trust that life is perfect and in that perfection is perfection reflecting as YOU!

I have chills as my grandma smiles, as she watches these words being typed. She loved all of her kids.  God bless you and yours- Thank you Grandma for blessing us all- and teaching a young grand sun about “fierce Love”.  May you always remember that the beyond is here and you are being watched, always, watched in Love.

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