Feminine Prayer

Feminine Prayer May 15, 2013

Feminine Prayer

By David Matthew Brown

Hearing Heart

Feeling Heart

Embracing Heart

Let my ocean of love be graced

By her love

By her joy

By her strength and wisdom

Let me be nurtured by her within

I ask that she invokes

Within my heart

The fortitude, right speaking

To stand up, rise up

Amid the noise of the ignorant

And speak from the heart

I ask for her compassion, kindness

To listen to those who yearn to be seen and heard

I ask her to walk with me

Allowing me the comfort to forgive myself

And others,

Knowing that it is the greatest act of love for myself and others

I ask her, today to free me from the phantoms

And anything else that tries to prevent the freedom of my heart to shine

I ask that she makes a path very clear to follow

That when I stray, that she gentles brings me back to the heart

I bless Isis, Mother Mary, Mary, Quan Yin, Sehkmet, Athena, and all great

Women who have stood in heart, passion, and love for all

I bless the sacred feminine inside my heart

I bless Mother Earth,

I bless all women,  and children

I bless all men who are discovering the feminine within,

I bless all women who are discovering the feminine within

I bless Dad’s who are mothering

I bless Mother’s who are mothering

I blessed the rise of the sacred feminine

Now and forever



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