Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit May 19, 2013

Holy Spirit
By D

Closing my senses to the world
A world I feel less attached too
I have
My will to you
Lady of love
The one who in my darkest hours
Watched me contemplate my death
Watched me
Day and night
Held me close
Loved me as I prayed
Laughed with me
Stayed with me as I strayed
Loved me when others who were

Once close crucified me
And then watched me crucify myself
Oh the shame which I held
And then I forgave
As a act of love to myself
You did not judge
You knew I would come home to you
You are patient, kind
Forgive my insistent will
My impatience
I felt like you forgot our agreement
But I smile now
Realizing I forgot it
You stood by me and waited
Asking, “are you done playing make believe?”
Like a baby I threw a temper tantrum
Your grace, touch, affection
I delight in now
Sweet beloved feminine
How much I love you
In the silence the love is overwhelming
You are over whelming
This breath I breath
Unites us
We move in life
“Why didn’t you leave me, when I left you?”
I feel your smile-
“You my child have never left, many moments I almost lost you, but you have always been determined and strong, love is not definable.”
Years of tears fall away
Breath life
Breath love
“Child rather than saying I love you, say I breath you, it is more accurate, love is a game played by fools…”
Breathing is heart thinking
I breath you always
I breath you too

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