And the Oscar goes too…?

And the Oscar goes too…? July 8, 2013

I was speaking yesterday and it occurred to me that we live in a culture which means cult that loves everything but the presence.  Can you imagine if we were taught how blessed the presence is. How sacred life is now.  How wonderful you are  to this planet and without you how we would not know how  love expresses uniquely through you. Can you imagine if being still was a class in school so the kids could see how powerful their will is.

But instead we love drama as a society and so that means we must love it as individuals within ourselves.  Other wise we wouldn’t spend so much time dwelling on what others do, say, and we could rest here, and as we rest, say to ourselves, “This is blessed ground where I stand. I am blessed.”

What if we gave Oscars for compassion, kindness, and love?  We would have people striving to live in compassion, kindness, and love.  It would become hip, cool, and the thing to do.  The world would shift. I am talking about people that go unnoticed everyday, friends, family, ex’s, old friends, workers, co-workers, who are striving to be kind and compassionate for themselves and others. That serve, or are in service in some way. They deserve an Oscar!

Think of 5-10 people you would give an Oscar too and send them this:

“And the Oscar for compassion, kindness, and love goes too……(NAME)  I am giving you this Oscar to let you know I see you, care about you, love you, and appreciate you. I know that you may think you are not seen or heard, but you are, and I celebrate you! All of you! Not a day goes by that I am not thankful that you are in my world.  Love you”


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