Moksha Yoga, 30 days, and Me

Moksha Yoga, 30 days, and Me July 10, 2013

There comes a moment when we all must discover the meaning of “Naked”; for me this word means many things,  standing there naked in front of your beloved partner, with nothing to protect you, hide you away, just this body, naked, honest, truthful, standing in the unknown, with thoughts running through it, and yet you both find it wonderful, perfect, alive, alert, and erotic.  Two being’s sharing a secret together, saying, “Well here I am, this is it.” So you both giggle, kiss, and allow the breath to take you away.

With this image in mind, I have been in touch with the inner essence of the heart, my heart, the heart, but for me this intimate place is not concerned with the label, concept, idea, or even the words, it is the essence.  It is not lost in the identity of the mind, body, or approval. I have spent the last three years working through so many challenges in my relationship going through divorce, becoming a single father with a beautiful daughter, financial hardships, hurt, pain, forgiveness, starting over, care giving, etc…  I have moved through life’s test’s and lesson’s learned, and I am still  learning. Life is a constant movement of energy, always moving, expanding, and as much as I would rather stay contracted in a small life, there comes a time when the fire in your gut burns, ignites, and inspires.

That moment came the other day.  I passed Moksha Yoga in Los Angeles on La Brea and like a soaring eagle, inspiration blew through me, “30 days of yoga at Moksha and write about it, share your insights, and open up to being completely naked in your heart.”  Scared by such a proposition, rather than fight it, I said, “Yes.”  Still as I write this to you, I feel a little uneasy, “30 days…really?”

I would like to experience the same openness I feel in the presence of a beloved woman, only I would like to feel this with the beloved inside of me.  My name David means “beloved”.  During these 30 days dancing with the beloved and Moksha Yoga, I will be open with you, naked with you, alive with you, and let you into the world of a male diving into the feminine heart and her mystery. I don’t know what to expect, but I am open to her essence, open to her mystery, and scared as well.  I believe scared is good, because it brings forth two important things, bravery and courage which are key ingredients for the heart.

I have been contracted, scared, small, and I have also felt alive, big, and wonderful.  So this is the beginning of the my journey inward…naked and alive.  Thank you for joining for me, and for all your love, prayers, and support…  May we grow together and learn together.  First class tomorrow at 9:30 am….Namaste…Thank you Emily, Charis, and Jose for allowing me to write on my journey and share it with my readers….hope you in joy!!

So I will attend 30 straight classes, and write on each day….what comes up, comes up : )

Learn more about Moksha LA and what Moksha is by clicking their website: Moksha Yoga

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