Day 39 of 90: Moksha Yoga, Yin and The Plant

Day 39 of 90: Moksha Yoga, Yin and The Plant August 18, 2013

I moved into day 39 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA with a gentle practice called YIN.  I was looking forward to this practice with a busy week approaching. YIN is a practice that has long holds, and helps in restoring the body with longer stretches and breathing.  I like to do this practice at least twice a week. It helps me with clarity and peace of mind.  It has been beneficial in a lot of phases of my life, I am grateful for YIN.

Today our class was led by Sophie, she is wonderfully insightful, full of wonderful teachings, and humor.  I like her style, and enjoy how she meets you right where you are. A case in point, I was in a pose and she helped me into it, talked with me about it, and then supported me in the pose. When we worked the second side, she made me aware of the other side and how much more open it was.  As people we always feel better when others meet us right where we are.  I also enjoy her music.  At the end of class I was reminded of story.

There was a plant that was in a small pot. In the small pot it felt tight, constricted, and couldn’t grow. Then one day, it was taken out of the small pot and placed into a bigger pot.  Now the plant felt so much more space it didn’t know what to do. There was so much space it began to panic, it was not use to so much space.  But as it began to stretch out its roots, it felt freedom, and aliveness. The plant felt the rays of the sun, the breeze, and the gentle rain. It began to enjoy it all. It began to enjoy its new found freedom.

As I am practicing everyday in hot yoga, I am starting to understand my practice, and embrace a new sense of who I am. It has been a very long time coming.  Very long time. But I am starting to feel strong, more vibrant, and alive.  Today felt good coming into a community like Moksha in Los Angeles. It felt good to sit and talk with people and laugh before practice. These past 39 days have been quite insightful, inspiring, challenging, and humorous. Congrats Teacher Joe on your engagement.

On to day 40…Namaste….

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