Day 57 of 90: Moksha Yoga, Foundation

Day 57 of 90: Moksha Yoga, Foundation September 5, 2013

Day 57 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA and getting closer to 2 months in. Wahoo! The community of Moksha is a wonderful family and very supportive. Today I had the opportunity to meet some new people who I practice with quite a bit. It was fun meeting them.  During my 57 days on the mat, I am seeing the importance of foundation. It has taken me quite a few falls, wobbles, mistakes, to finally find proper foundation and I am still diving deeper into it.  But at least I have a foundation to go too.  I like the word foundation because it means , “where something is supported.”  Each of us is looking for foundation in our life, through relationships with inner self, then with others, then with community, and then with the world community.

So today in Carolina’s class I discovered through her flow class the support of each pose. Each pose offers support, alignment, strength, and most important our hearts.  Each pose is an expression of the heart through the breath and then comes the expression through the body. So our support comes from within then moves out.  The practice is feeling the support of the core, the spine, legs grounded, with heart expressing up and chin down. Feeling the inner energy of our  inner temples.  I noticed today on my mat that the breath is always moving me past my comfort zone, whereas the monkey  mind just wants to be comfortable and okay all the time. The breath heart does not. It wants to explore past the past, and live here in the gift of the present.

So in my practice, when I focus on the movement of the breath, the foundation of the pose, all is flowing, then I am moved past my comfort zone. Which is wonderful,  because off my mat, I can then live presently.  Allowing the flow of life to happen, with out my mind dictating what to do.  In the foreign film, “The Grandmaster”, a master is described as someone that does three things, “Being, knowing, and doing”.  We practice that on the mat. Being present. As we become more comfortable in not using the mind, then we can fall into the heart and listen to the breath of intuition. From there we will live from a place of knowing, and then our doing will become like an archer shooting a bow, focused, aligned, and laser like.

We will leave the comforts of doing all the time without purpose, and we will take that energy and focus it.  Moksha is liberation. We are here to liberate ourselves as a community on our mats inwardly, and then express it outwardly. Always living from the inside out!

On to day 58…Namaste

  David Matthew Brown: Heart Speaker, Heart Trainer, Author, Dad, Blogger, and Mokshie

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