Day 59 of 90: Moksha Yoga, She-Ra

Day 59 of 90: Moksha Yoga, She-Ra September 7, 2013

Day 59 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA and the journey continues.  Today was filled with lots of reminders, and our teacher today Deena taught a wonderful class filled with great instruction, positivity, wisdom, and lots of encouragement.  As I thought of our teacher, the name She-ra kept coming to mind.  Deena has a wonderful inner strength like a warrior, and mentioned to us, “Go beyond your habits to find stillness.”  I like that.

Today as I laid on my mat and set the intention to go past my comfort zone.  I noticed in most of my poses today I moved past my comfort zone and into a place of depth.  It felt good, to know that I could. Deena mentioned that the more present you are, the more you will discover you can.  So in the practice the more engaged I am in each pose, the more I discover in my practice that my body, mind, and spirit are working as one, and all is quiet within.  But when I am not fully focused in the pose, I do realize the likelihood of the mind wanting to come in to resist the pose, which reminds me to focus on the breath and breathe into the pose, by doing that simple response, it brings me back into the pose fully.

Moksha means liberation and as I enter my mat everyday,  the intention is to liberate and free myself on my mat from the conditions that I have created.  So everyday is another day to release me from the habits like Deena talked about today.  And I choose to move past the habits, conditions, and fears,  and as I do this I move closer to the heart of being present in each pose and expressing more of a deeper self. That is encouraging and exciting as well.

Deena mentioned the opportunity we have to choose how we feel in each pose, it is up to us on how we feel.  Wonderful lesson and invitation to explore how I show up off the mat as well.

On to day 60….Namaste

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