In-Spirit-Us October 10, 2013

So I went and practiced a restorative hot yoga practice tonight, which would mark day 91 straight. The restorative poses in Modo yoga are called Yin. They are considered longer stretches lasting 5 minutes on each side.  During one pose the word, “inspiritus” came up in my mind; the word  “breathe” in Latin is “inspiritus,” meaning inspire.

But it broke apart into “In-Spirit-Us”  as though it was showing me something, and it was, all of us are walking in spirit. We are in it now, no other place to be, the breath that inspires is here, breathing us. I love that. No judgment. No dogma. No right or wrong. No path. No searching. No seeking. It is here. Right here to be rediscovered. This is the new gold rush.  Discovering the presence in you.

And as you discover the presence, you will discover you can never leave it. So the games are up. No more running. No more hiding. For you are in it. You have always been in it. IN-SPIRIT-US. Sit with this word, allow it to engage you, speak it aloud. Feel the power of it. Feel it. Go on.

It is quite powerful to recognize the inspiring breath you are breathing and how close you actually are to spirit.  In Latin, breath and spirit are closely related.

Ask yourself, “What inspires me?”  Then get out a notepad and write it out.  Today follow inspiration. Feel it and flow with it. You are walking in spirit with us, all of us. We are connected by the breath of life.

What brings you joy? Do you bring joy to others? Feel it and flow with it!!  As you breath more and think less, you become a feeler, and you will begin to feel with your life, and navigate from the feelings.  Because being and feeling and flowing is following the inspiration of life itself as it gives you life to express on this planet. Your life is a gift everyday. Don’t waste it on others with judgment, criticism, gossip, negativity, resentment, or wanting to change them or control them, so they to fit into your comfort zone.  Instead breath into being, and feel and flow and go!!

David Matthew Brown- Founder of Heartspirational

“Inspiring people through writing, speaking, breathing, feeling, and loving.”


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