Fall Of Ego, The Rise Of Grace In 2014

Fall Of Ego, The Rise Of Grace In 2014 December 31, 2013

Some where along the way, collectively we left our hearts, we shut the door, and the ego took over.  Now let me acknowledge here that the ego is not bad or good, in fact the ego is a wonderful protector. That is its function of ego when working as the servant to the heart.  So when the ego left the heart, it felt tremendous loss, and thought it was alone.  So it began to do what it was developed to do, which is defend itself, protect itself, and build itself up to scare the others. Have you ever felt alone, and scared, every noise means something, everything is about you, you think that you know everything because you are hurt, scared, lost, and confused. You think you don’t have enough, that you are not enough, that you lack, well this is how the ego has worked in each of us, and that story has diseased our planet with darkness, greed, division, war, killing, separation, right against right thinking, etc…

Now the good news comes…2014. As we are hours from a new year, many people are yearning again to come home. To home to their hearts.  It is becoming a strong desire in a lot of people now.  This is an exciting time. As our individual ego is coming home to the heart. This process is a process, so be patient and gentle with yourself.  As we enter our hearts as the command center, the ego will fight a little bit, but will finally admit, it is not a good leader, in fact it has never liked to lead. When this happens within you, then the heart becomes the king/queen and the ego is a servant.  As we rest in the heart, we rest in grace. Grace is powerful, and you can’t have it till you are humble and sincere. That is why the heart is amazing. Your true power is resting in unity. Ego thinks power is in separation, fear, judgment, gossip, complaining, thinking less than, etc…

I just got back from facilitating my workshop on a method I developed to help people drop into their hearts again and feel. Yes both men, women, and teens attended. It was exciting to see how excited people were to know their hearts. Worry isn’t working, it is a broken program of the ego. It is time to upgrade. As more and more people turn within to the heart as the master, and leave the ego, our collective story in the world will fall. It is happening now.  Separation is ending.  Love as we have never seen it before is rising. Humanity is rising. Collectively we are moving to a new world.  A world filled with grace.  The feminine is rising.  It was bound to happen.  We went way to far into the masculine which isn’t bad, because it allowed pioneer’s to help us discover and rediscover the feminine energetic.

As we rest in the feminine (Heart) we come to marry the mental (Masculine), this marriage is made only inside of each of us. All and I mean EVERYONE, all 7 billion people on this planet are built to LOVE. WELCOME HEARTS!! Happy 2014!!

  David Matthew Brown: Facilitates his heart method around the planet, helping people navigate life from the heart. He speaks, has sessions, and is a active Father. He is author of THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING available on AMAZON.

For sessions you can email him. He does distant and local sessions. If you are interested in living from the heart, contact him,




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