Wired To Live In The Heart

Wired To Live In The Heart January 2, 2014

The world is always wanting our attention, and most of our lives we give it. Until we realize that we are tired, stressed, filled with pain, and we can no longer look out to solve our lives or even keep up with  what we are being sold, we must go inward.  The world is offering us a quick fix, with pitches of new cars, clothes, homes, travel, and everyone making the pitch is so  happy. And so as you watch the pitch, your say to yourself, “I want to be happy, like them.”  Now as you know, there is nothing wrong with any of these things. But if you need them to be happy or form your identity, then they give you satisfaction. As the the Stones say, “You can’t get no satisfaction.”  Nothing outside of you can give you happiness, nothing. Sure it will give you a few moments of excitement, pride, or even what will feel like happiness. But that will fall away, till the next thing comes.  But what is really happening is the replacement of your inner yearning.

You are wired to be love.  It is natural. You are yearning not for things outside, but you are yearning for your heart. To know your heart. And since you feel lost and alone and disconnected from your heart, you look to fill the void.  Your worry, doubt, confusion is not about the others, or the world, but really the disconnect from your own heart, it is a sign of living in your head. Our society makes lots of money on the mind, but remember the saying, “it takes a change of heart”. Society would have you believe that you can change your thoughts and change your life.  It is a wonderful idea and concept, but again it is the mind trying to change itself and Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” In fact Jesus preached, “God first and the world will be given unto you, do not add to your life one cubit.”

When we rest in the heart for the first time it can feel frightening, there is no thoughts, it is quiet, and it seems like we are waiting for something. That is okay and normal.  After living in our heads for years, we are use too the noise. As we rest in silence, we are given answers, and they come when we are ready to receive.

So begin to find space to rest in the heart. There are many ways you can do this, through meditation, prayer, affirmations, following the breath, walking in nature, yoga, or even playing and creating.

In your meditation, take this question to heart, “Why am I so frightened to be with myself?”

   David Matthew Brown: Contributor to Patheos Spiritual Channel, Author of “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening”, Heart Inspiring Speaker and Facilitator of his “Heart Method”.  David works with people around the world helping them into their hearts.


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