The Beggar Of Thanksgiving

The Beggar Of Thanksgiving February 28, 2014

There was a man begging in the fields, as he was begging another man approached.  The man begging started to cry, and the other man asked if he was okay.  The beggar said, “My fields are dried up and I can not plant.”  The man asked, “Have you been thankful?”  The beggar thought, “No, I figured the fields would always be taken care of.” And the two sat in silence, and finally the man said to the beggar, “Faith without thanksgiving leads to poverty of all kinds, we have faith in God and trust in people, not the other way around.  So perhaps now is the opportunity to look around and see what you have, and be thankful.” And the man left. As the beggar looked around he was over whelmed with thanksgiving for what he had, and his tears filled the ground, and then a rain came.

Those who have ears and hear, will be able to hear the good news.




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