All In….

All In…. April 9, 2014

I was listening to a person recently complaining about how life stinks.  So I asked him, “Are you all in?” He was dumbfounded”What do you mean?” I repeated, “Are you all in?”  He thought about it, “In life, career, relationship?”  I said, “Don’t try to find it, you know if you are all in. If you were all in  you wouldn’t have time to talk about others and complain so much about what isn’t happening.”

Life when lived fully in the moment is naturally all in, there isn’t anytime to think about anything other than what is happening now. You are alert, alive, and courageous.  It takes courage at first to be fully present and when I speak of being all in, what I mean is having your full concentration on right now. The breath breathing you, life happening, and fully accepting. Most people who control, judge, put down other people are not all in, in their life. They are partly in, that is why they criticize.

This is a process, but we must be all in, in life. Fully engaged, fully present with our families, friends, partners, work, where ever we are, we are needed. Otherwise we would not be there.  Criticism, judgment, condemning others, are systems of a mind where being engaged and fully present doesn’t exist.  This is humanity, and it is time that we up level, not in a religious way or spiritual way or motivating way but in a way where we respect ourselves and others. Were we bring compassion, wholehearted presence to everything.  Separation doesn’t help and is not working.

Are you all in, in life?

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