Maori And The Heart

Maori And The Heart April 7, 2014

“Two roads diverged in a wood, I chose the one less traveled and that has made all the difference” Robert Frost


I had the wonderful opportunity to get my wings and speak in New Zealand.  I spoke on the heart, and shared my experiences with lots and lots of people.  Very, very grateful.

“When I ask you to point to yourself, where do you point?” I mentioned to the group, they smiled, and someone spoke up, “My heart.”  I responded, “That is who you are, yet we spend most of our life running from it.” A silence hit the room, and we began our journey together into the heart.  It is quite personal, quite vulnerable, and yes quite scary. But remember we all suffer internally, till we don’t.  The mind is the only place that separates us from each other, and the heart unites us. This is not foo-foo thinking, or airy fairy thinking. Your heart is real, alive, and is the master of your life. We give credit to fear on this planet, but I actually believe we are scared of the wildness of our hearts. The heart is wild because it does not hold on to anything, and that scares the mind we cling too.  We believe in our minds more than our hearts.

There were many tears with people who attended. On my final day was the real personal experience for me, to work with the Maori, and at the end I would be given a tattoo. I had said yes to this about two months out, yes to the tattoo but kept it quite secret.  The tattoo was my shift from being a boy on this planet to a man. To let go of my past, the petty people, the darkness I had moved through for so many years, and to let go of those who judged me, my life, and my work. They know who they are, and when they come face to face with silence, the truth will be made clear.  Till then, I keep walking.

I sat with a Maori for 45  minutes and poured out my personal journey to him.  As I talked to him, he began to craft a piece of art for me. The art included  5 generations of my family, because the Maori believe family is important on our journey including our parents. Our parents are our foundation. He was very proud of my Dad and mom and sister, and spoke highly of them.  My grandma’s who past away are my guides, they rest on each shoulder.  My daughter and my parents and sister and her kids are in the center, to recognize that where I go, my family is with me, that I am protected, and loved. The tattoo represents my past, present and future. It represents the end and the beginning. The waves in the tattoo are the waves of life, the changes that occur.  The tattoo looks like a shield, and a inverted heart. To protect me on my travels as I speak around the globe on the heart.  I am happy I was given this tattoo.  Happy that my story is on my back, happy for my journey, and happy and blessed by the experience. Truly sacred. God is good.

Before the tattoo was given to me, I was prayed over, and blessed.  I am marked by my family, marked by love, guided by my grandparents and great grandparents.  And received my wings, because the tattoo looks like angel wings.


SUNDAY APRIL 27th at 10:30 am South bay Unity Speaking on LOVE: UNITY SOUTH BAY

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   David Matthew Brown: Dad. Speaker and Author, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening” and “Namaste: 90 Days Of Hot Yoga”, speaks on rotation at Unity Burbank, Antelop Valley, and Unity Spiritual Centers across the globe.   His message is simple: LOVE IS THE ANSWER.

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