For “Flannery O’Connor Nite” at the Movies

For “Flannery O’Connor Nite” at the Movies November 20, 2011

As I was reading Flannery O’Connor’s first novel Wise Blood, I couldn’t help thinking that this was almost tailor made for adaptation to the screen by the Coen Brothers. Then I found out that iconic film director John Huston had made the film version of Wise Blood in 1979.

Check out this cast: Brad Dourif plays “our hero” Hazel Motes, Harry Dean Stanton(!) plays the “blind” preacher Asa Hawks, Ned Beatty(!) plays Hazel’s would-be partner Hoover Shoates, and Dan Shor plays the would-be sidekick Enoch Emory. Amy Wright plays the role of Asa Hawks wacky daughter Sabbath with William Hickey(!) as Hoover Shoates’ stand-in replacement for Hazel. And what would a John Huston film be like without John himself putting in an appearance too? I don’t remember a character named “Grandfather” but with John’s looks and voice(!) I’m sure it will all work out well. Here are a couple of clips to give you a taste.

Hazel and Enoch have it out with Asa and Sabbath.

Hazel buys a car (inflation kicks in and $40 morphs into $225 in 1979 dollars).

My public library even has the DVD available! So while everyone else is heading to see Harry Potter tonight, for me that can wait until Thanksgiving weekend. Remind me to call home and make sure we have some popcorn.

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