Major Oak is Headed to Nagasaki Tomorrow!

Major Oak is Headed to Nagasaki Tomorrow! November 21, 2011

Ian Higgins writes from the studio,

As our Phase 2 campaign comes to an end we’re packing our bags and making last minute preparations for our trip to Japan. It’s going to be a very busy 10 days but we’re very excited at the thought of all the great footage we’ll come back with.

Alongside prepping for the Japan trip, we’ve started work on filming some of the extra scenes, focusing mainly on one of the most demanding and technically difficult sequences – the war scenes in China, where Dr. Nagai witnessed the horrors of war first hand and found himself turning to God for the comfort and strength he needed to survive.

There’s quite a bit more to do before the scenes are complete, but we’re very pleased with how things are shaping up with this sequence. Check out our blog for more stills from the shoot.

Before we get back to the grind, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who has so kindly donated towards the funds we badly need to be able to do justice to this remarkable story.

Domo arigato gozaimasu!

Check out the Production blog post as well. The crew will be there for 10 days, thanks to the generosity of readers like you, filming sequences for the film All That Remains. It”s not too late to contribute to the cause, as 12 hours remains on the clock. Give your wallet a nudge and let’s see if we can clear $1000 before time is called.

If I haven’t convinced you to give $$$ (have you seen the trailers?)with the post the other day, read this one to help understand why Takashi Nagai’s story is worth telling with as much drama and realism as possible.

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