Simcha Fisher Is My New Neighbor?

Simcha Fisher Is My New Neighbor? June 17, 2013
Sorry, doll…the secret is out.

I wonder if she’ll let me borrow a cup of sugar every once in a while? You know what this also means? The Jerk is going to be here as well. Love that guy!

Check out her introduction by the Anchoress, and her first post, right cheer…

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  • Stefanie

    Uber great news! No one makes me laugh like Simcha — just her very name makes me laugh. Although she always makes me feel like a wimp — I was only blessed with three kids. I don’t think I had enough to make life super-interesting…and they are all very much alike. With a ‘brood’, you get more variety hence Simcha-worthy-tacular wordage and blog stuff.

  • simchafisher

    Aw, thanks, Frank! Ha ha, I forgot about this photo. “The domestic church goes to church.”

  • jenny

    ” The domestic church goes to church.” …this can be a pretty good title for a new post…

    And the together with the picture…. lots of ideas about how to translate the Sunday’s readings from the Bible into a good homily. ..