Because You Never Know When Pope Francis Might Pick Up The Phone, And Give You A Call

Because You Never Know When Pope Francis Might Pick Up The Phone, And Give You A Call August 11, 2013

Call me maybe? I gotta say, it’s a pretty incredible story.

An Italian man named Michele has a brother who is murdered in June. Michele writes a note to Pope Francis expressing his remorse, and how he can’t forgive the killer. Pope Francis reads said letter, sheds tears, and picks up the phone. Josephine McKenna tells the story in the Telegraph,

Michele Ferri is the brother of 51-year-old Andrea, a petrol station manager who was allegedly gunned down by two men including one young employee he treated like a son.

The death shocked the north-eastern town of Pesaro.

Michele Ferri wrote a letter to the Pope telling him of his inability to forgive the killers and was shocked when he picked up the telephone on Wednesday evening to hear: “Ciao Michele, it’s Pope Francis.”

At first Mr Ferri thought it was a joke but said he was overcome with emotion when he realised it was really Francis on the line from the Vatican.

“He told me he cried when he read the letter I wrote to him,” Mr Ferri said.

The Pope also asked to speak to Mr Ferri’s mother to express his personal sympathy.

The telephone call is the latest in a series of spontaneous personal gestures by Pope Francis that have surprised Catholics around the world since he was elected Pope in March.

Read the rest.

You know, many folks are worried about Pope Francis. Worried for his safety, worried about his orthodoxy, worried about his sincerity, etc. I’m not worried about any of these things, and I don’t think Pope Francis is either. I think Pope Francis has chosen the greater part, and it is not to be taken away from him.


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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • Maggie Goff

    I’m not worried either. We are blessed.

  • Kathy DiNovis Vestermark

    May he continue to shock and surprise. I don’t worry because his office is protected by the power of the Holy Spirit in matters of faith and morals; he will not err. God love him, Papa Francis is one incredible example.

  • He is a truly amazing man.

    • RoxanneRoxanadana

      Yes. A truly great man.

  • katwomansz

    He was picked for our times…

  • Shiela E. McGee-Haddock

    what a genuine person. Pope Francis has the greatest guard of all times and that is our Lord and his workers. May God bless you Pope Francis for all your wonderful works.

  • Sharon Roser

    I must confess to worrying for his safety. I trust in the Lord to protect him…but there is so much evil in this world that would LOVE to destroy this true Man of God…I can’t help but worry.

  • MissTiffany

    I am not Catholic (almost – traditional Lutheran, with a strong affinity for our similarities), but I feel this man is blessed. He seems so genuine and loving and I am excited for the Catholic Church to have him as your leader — he is a good representative!

    • Barbara Burke

      I too, am Lutheran. My late father was a Lutheran Pastor. I now go with my husband to The Catholic Church due to its similarities, I have no problem save I cannot have communion. I too, feel The Pope is genuine and loving and I too am happy that The Church has him as their new Shepherd.

  • BlessRheart

    He is just what this world needs, right now. God Bless him!

  • David Poston

    How can anyone worry about his sincerity? All of these reports continue to show his selflessness and humility. He has nothing to gain from these acts except for his heavenly reward. He is a blessing, and an example for us all.

  • We are blessed to have Holy Father Francis. Rather than complain, pray for him.

  • Virginia Corona

    I am not worried either because he is guarded by our Lord!

    • Jesus was well guarded by the Lord God, but that didn’t mean his disciples had no grounds for worry.

  • Chris

    I’m Atheist, and even I respect him. Very amazing man. Maybe I should just switch to Catholic now

    • L_Dave

      While I respect your independent thought, I pray that you keep your heart open.

    • James_Locke

      Don’t do it for the sake of a Pope. Popes come and go. If you want to become a theist, do it because you believe it to be true. If you do it for a man, you will be disappointed, because people suck, tbh. I know you are being a tongue in cheek, but I am syaing this because people seem to be expecting the Pope to be something that he is not. He is, just like all his predecessors, just a man. The last bunch (like last 50) have been very good men overall, but that does not mean the church will always have great Popes. We will Have another Urban.

      • Yes, and no. Clearly, popes will disappoint, and expecting otherwise is a sure way to despair. As you rightly point out.

        But however tongue in cheek this comment might have been, Chris is on to something. A great deal of belief is based on judgments of credibility.

        Ever so few have the requisite knowledge needed to make a reasonable judgment, e.g., regarding climate change. For most of us, it’s a matter of deciding who best to believe, and attempting to make that decision responsibly, based on reasonable judgment.

        Judgments as to the reality or non-reality of God are not utterly dissimilar. It’s not unreasonable to judge even fewer to have the requisite knowledge needed to make a reasonable judgment here. Yes, become a theist only if you believe it to be true. But how does one come to believe it to be true? Often it’s by encountering a credible witness. And a genuine encounter with such a witness can often withstand later testimony of incredible witnesses.

    • Jace Simonsgaard

      Sir, maybe this is God’s way of trying to open your heart to the Catholic ways. I encourage you with the strongest words possible to go and attend RCIA (the adult Catholic Prep group). Please, Please, Please

  • L_Dave

    I wish more people knew that there are many priests and holy people like Pope Francis.

    • Patti Conard

      I wish the same, we have bad people and good just like any religion. Clergy are p e o p l e they are flawed some more than others

  • edna m. guiang

    I was in Rome on official business last July 2013. Although the Pope was on leave during that time I went to Vatican on Saturday July 6 and visited the Sistine chapel. Its a heavenly surprise if I get a call from Pope Francis one of these days!!!

  • Pete Borg Bellanti

    love this pope