Pope Francis Wishes Patheos A Happy 5th Birthday!

Pope Francis Wishes Patheos A Happy 5th Birthday! May 5, 2014

Totally NOT photoshopped.

Wow! Just in time for the the big celebration, this communique just made its way into my “in” basket.

I tried to call your offices in Denver, and wish your website a happy birthday, but your number is unlisted. Instead, since I do keep up on the writings of some of my favorite Catholic bloggers on Patheos, I asked Frank Weathers to share this note with you, and the photograph of me enjoying the celebration with a little tres leche birthday cake that Archbishop Georg Gänswein special ordered for the occasion. It is very tasty.

I am so happy for the witness that the Patheos Catholic portal brings to the world, and very grateful to Leo Brunnick for providing them this platform so that my favorite Catholic bloggers can write all the wonderful posts that are so inspiring to me, and to others. When I’m not busy chasing sinners along the rooftops of the Vatican Compound, I like to unwind by reading the blogs. It’s a hobby of mine.

An action shot from The Onion’s Vatican bureau.

Again, happy 5th birthday to Patheos, which is not affiliated with the Society of Jesus, or the Holy Catholic Church, in any way. I just want to make that clear.

May God continue to bless your site and all the readers who stop by too. I will pray for you, and ask you to do the same for me.

Pax Cristi,

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