N.T. Wright On Reality, Gay Marriage, And Being On The Wrong Side Of History

N.T. Wright On Reality, Gay Marriage, And Being On The Wrong Side Of History June 12, 2014

Over at First Things, Matthew Schmitz shared a video, and transcribed a rough draft of an interview that noted theologian, and retired Anglican bishop, N.T. Wright gave with J. John , of the Philo Trust, back in February. John asks questions to his guests, see, from his notes, and from his friends, and from the studio audience, on a program he hosts that is awesomely titled, Facing the Canon.

BOOM! I like that title.

There is a slight technical problem with the video Schmitz shared, though. It cuts off midstream during Wright’s concluding statement.  So? Joe Six-Pack to the rescue! I chopped the video again so you can watch (or listen to) Wright’s entire answer to the following question,

“What do you think are the major challenges to the church and the Christian message in the light of the current legislation on the redefinition of marriage?”

Also, since his conclusion to the previous question segues so nicely into his answer to the one above, I’ve taken the liberty of adding a few seconds of his earlier answer to the video too.

Ready? Roll clip!

So, that’s where I am.

Yes, I agree with Wright on this topic. As I’ve said before, I am clearly on the wrong side of history regarding this current fad that is based on changing the meanings of words, while ignoring the ontological realities of our God-given genders. Does the Church of England hold that marriage is a sacrament, as the Catholic Church does? No. But Wright appears to understand that the mystery of marriage is one that is richer, and deeper, than some current Protestant theologians, in many quarters, are holding it to be.

I particularly like Wright’s analogy about the world jumping onto the bandwagon of going to war with Iraq. It resonates very well today, as Mosul burns, and Al Qaeda militants start marching toward Baghdad. We built that disaster back in 2003, and look where it has led.

Because you can most assuredly be dead wrong about something, even when you firmly believe you are on the “right side of history.” Truth has a way of rising to the top of falsehoods and history is littered with the remains of those whose might made them right, but only for a short period of time.

Head on over to First Things for the rough transcript of this answer if you would like. In fact, you really ought to see the entire interview from Wright’s appearance on Facing the Canon. There is lots of wisdom to be gleaned from it.

Watch it all. You’ll be glad you did.


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