Leonard Nimoy Explains The Origin Of The Vulcan Salute…

Leonard Nimoy Explains The Origin Of The Vulcan Salute… February 27, 2015

I am saddened to hear that Leonard Nimoy has passed away. May he rest in peace and rise again on the Last Day. Here is a clip of the story behind his improvisation of the Vulcan greeting “Live long, and prosper.” 

It has something to do with one of my favorite Hebrew letters, ש, and a memorable event from his childhood.

Roll clip!

Read more about it at The Jewish Origin of the Vulcan Salute. See the entire interview with Leonard Nimoy here.


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  • Fascinating! Thanks. Now I’l ave to do that althe time since it’s actually a blessing.

    • bosco49

      Boo! No bragging now please. I couldn’t get my fingers to split like that if I tried (and believe me I have). Live long and Prosper, Manny. Peace.