A Little Film I Watched About Where Jesus Was Baptized In Jordan…

A Little Film I Watched About Where Jesus Was Baptized In Jordan… April 10, 2015

Bethany Beyond the Jordan*
Bethany Beyond the Jordan*


During breakfast this morning, on the 787 Dreamliner flying the livery of Royal Jordanian Airlines, I watched an interesting little film. It’s about the place in the Kingdom of Jordan that has been visited by popes, and pilgrims.

The site is one of the many reasons why I was hoping to return to Jordan someday. And someday came sooner than I realized it would.

What if I told you that it is almost certain that the spot in the river, where St. John the Baptist baptized Jesus, and where the Holy Spirt in the likeness of a dove descended upon Him, is actually know?

Watch the film and learn how a team of bible scholars, archeologists, and historians, have determined the location of this holy place, where the public ministry of Jesus began. Learn how it was lost from our knowledge, and how it was found.

It’s fascinating stuff. There are hidden maps, the prophet Elijah, hidden minefields, and bedouin natives who knew the history of their lands better than the city slickers.

It’s must see tv! The first few minutes gets you started in the clip below.



Diana von Glahn: Traveling to Jordan, Day 1

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