Songs of Advent

Songs of Advent December 11, 2012

Too often it seems that the Advent season gets neglected in the rush towards Christmas. Here are a few of my favorite Advent hymns. Several may be new to you. A couple of them you may recognize as often being lumped together with other Christmas carols, but technically they are considered Advent carols. Could you add to the list?
All hymns performed by a chorale group unless otherwise indicated.
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus  (performed by Twila Paris):

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (performed by Selah)

Wake, Awake, for Night is Flying
The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns (performed by a singer/organist named Dawn Slike)
The lyrical purist in me can’t resist pointing out that the original lyrics of the second verse actually say, “Not as of old a little child/To bear and fight and die.” I guess the revisionists didn’t want to leave the word “fight” in there.
Rejoice, Rejoice Believers (sadly, no good version available, lyrics linked)

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  • John Situmbeko

    These are great!
    I would have loved to see “Lift Up The Trumpet” on your list. It’s a great hymn that we Adventists have made it like our theme song.

  • I didn’t know that one. Neat 2nd Coming lyrics!

  • I guess I would have to add Charles Wesley’s “Come, thou long expected Jesus.” A beautiful hymn for this season.

  • I think I featured Twila Paris’s performance of that hymn in this post. 🙂

  • So you did! Well, thinking about the hymn fed my soul, so thank you.

  • You’re welcome.