Beards & boys – SD late season pheasant hunt

Beards & boys – SD late season pheasant hunt January 15, 2015

I wrote a post last week about taking my son hunting & fishing. (Btw, it’s always interesting to see how hunting & fishing posts draw strong support… AND fire. Bristol Palin – who, as you know, comes from a great, outdoorsy, Alaska family! – shared my post on her FB page, and then fielded several anti-hunting comments. Here’s one below.) anti hunting In the same vein as my last post, I wanted to share a video of Aidan’s first pheasant hunt. In the first week of January, we went to South Dakota with a group of friends. This was a “first hunt” for a couple of the boys, and a few of the young hunters got their first birds on this trip. The first day was perfect – 28-degrees and sunny – and the second day was COLD… like, breath-freezing-to-your-beard cold – negative 25-degree windchill.

The boys did great… we were proud dads. Here’s the video that I filmed with my GoPro Hero 3. I love this camera! GoPro is changing the way I record, celebrate, and remember my times outdoors!

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