According to His Purpose: An Interview with Gary Zimak

Do you have a bucket list?

To be totally honest, I just pray every day to do the Lord's will, whatever that is. I'd like to reach out to people in new and different ways; but I don't have any specific plans other than continuing to write and speak about the "Good News" of the Catholic Faith. I just try to go in the doors he opens for me. At some point I'd like to get involved with TV, but I'll trust that God will let me know when the time is right. My goal is to continue bringing souls to Christ and I'm excited to see how the Lord plans to use me!

You can find out more about Gary's books, listen to many of his radio interviews, and contact Gary through his website Following the Truth.

6/11/2021 3:48:14 PM
Lisa Mladinich
Lisa Mladinich
Lisa Mladinich is a Catholic wife and mother, catechist and workshop leader, and the author of the popular booklets, "Be An Amazing Catechist: Inspire the Faith of Children," and "Be an Amazing Catechist: Sacramental Preparation" available from Our Sunday Visitor. She is the founder of