In this episode, I celebrate May Day with a re-release of Episode 13 of this podcast, Right Effort: Joyful Balance. I originally released the episode for Labor Day 2018. I thought back on it during the last couple of weeks as I struggled to be still and relax, while recovering from oral surgery during the first week of warm weather. I was restless because, despite the beautiful smells, sounds, and feelings of the NOW of spring around me, I wasn't really there. My attention was on another time where I was accomplishing things on my mental to-do list. I narrate my recent experience trying to understand Right Effort in an intro to the longer episode from 2018. In this chock-full episode, I review the whole Eightfold Path but focus on ways to create a joyful balance around effort. I talk about the Five Hindrances, especially one of my own battles: restlessness. I think many of you will agree. Even in meditation, we can't wait to "get at it." We are bored while we're working and agitated while relaxing. Let my restlessness and inability to relax and enjoy the beginning of summer serve as an example for you. A time to pause and consider whether your "efforts" in life are "right"? Are they in balance? Are you trying to be perfect? Are you so consistently acting from the habit of self-perfection and achievement that you're unable to relax? It all hinges on paying attention; about noticing. That is the hard part. Adjusting your habits isn't as hard. Listen to find ways to help in creating "joyous effort" through "The Five Daily Guidelines" offered by The Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism: The Five Daily Guidelines: 5 Daily Guidelines Join me and Bob Unyo Ahlander Sensei, virtually on Zoom, for the first session of the next Introduction to Buddhism Course starting Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 at 7:30PM. Find out more: Introduction to Buddhism info and registration Become a patron to support this podcast and get special member benefits, including a membership community and virtual sangha: Check out my Substack posts for more everyday Buddhism: If this podcast has helped you understand Buddhism or help in your everyday life, consider making a one-time donation here: Support the podcast through the affiliate link to buy the book, Everyday Buddhism: Real-Life Buddhist Teachings & Practices for Real Change: Buy the book, Everyday Buddhism