Steven C. Harper is a Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University, and author of the new book, First Vision: Memory and Mormon Origins. Steve has also served as the Managing Historian and General Editor of Saints, and as a Volume Editor of The Joseph Smith Papers. President Nelson declared 2020 a bicentennial year to commemorate Joseph Smith's first vision, and invited us to study the first vision in advance of General Conference. There's no one better to talk with about this subject than Steve. Reading his book completely changed our perspective on the First Vision itself, and he explains why it was never a given that the First Vision would become the seminal story of our faith. This was an absolutely fascinating conversation and we hope you enjoy it. 06:43 How Memory Impacts the First Vision 19:50 The First Vision and the Early Church 36:03 The First Vision and Missionary Work 43:52 The First Vision as an Identity Marker 55:36 Historical Criticisms of the First Vision 01:05:52 Which First Vision Account is True?