In this episode, we have a conversation with our friend Jeralee Renshaw about what it means to be “on the edge of inside.” In Richard Rohr’s wonderful essay on the topic, he says that one who lives on the edge of inside is “not an outsider throwing rocks, not a comfortable insider who defends the status quo, but one who lives precariously with two perspectives held tightly together.” In referencing Martin Luther King, Jr., Dietrich Bonnhoeffer, Dorothy Day, and others, Rohr says: “they tend to be, each in their own way, orthodox… conservative, intellectuals, believers, but that very authentic inner experience and membership allows them to utterly critique the systems that they are a part of. [They] critiqued Christianity by the very values that they learned from Christianity.” We’re really grateful Jeralee came on the podcast to discuss this important topic with us, and hope you enjoy the conversation. 01:58 What is the edge of inside? 14:30 Value(s) in discomfort 17:58 How to find belonging in church 24:37 The importance of local leadership 29:56 Patience in waiting it out 39:22 Drawing circles like Christ